Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Helpless SWAT refugees need your assistance


Under the supervision of Trinity and by your continuous prayers, CNC-Intl from 14th May 2009 is providing 3 time meals and tea to 500 distress and helpless refugee families on daily basis in Mardaan and Jalala cities through CNC’s relief camps, which is especially and freshly cooked by chefs. This Godly feast, on self-support basis will be continued till 30th May 2009.

For more information, please visit us at www.cncpk.org

With additional to this, in 2 above mentioned cities, CNC-Intl as per its tradition, from 14th May to 30th May 2009 is providing and will provide medical treatment through its qualified male and female doctors and nurses to 500 affected families i.e. dressing for injured; medicines; treatment and medicines for sick; multivitamins, food supplement and medicines, gynae and maternity facilities for pregnant women and this all will be provided also on self-support bases.

And as per CNC-Intl past tradition and with well organized planning, after 30th May 2009, will be providing 1 Month Food Package for these 500 refugee families. This will include all types of daily usage food items and especially the edible things for children below 3 years. Utensils will also be provided according to the needs of each family.

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